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Hello I have a database created in SQL Anywhere v9.02 and i need to upgrade to sybase 17...What can I do??? there is any way to make it directly??? please help me

asked 13 Mar '17, 13:16

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The version 17 software (once installed) includes a utility (dbunload) that can do that for you.

Following the instructions on how to do that should make that fairly painless. There is even an easier way to do that using SQL Central if your are already familiar with Sybase Central.

If you use MobiLink or SQL Remote then you will also need to consider the requirements for replication and synchronization.

[TIP: take a full safety copy/backup of the files before you begin is always a best safe practice]

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answered 13 Mar '17, 13:34

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I have tried this instructions but when the new database was being created there was an error "Authentication violation" can I fix it???

(14 Mar '17, 08:08) dara88

Authentication violation is an error that comes up with the OEM Authentication Edition of the software.

If you are the software author (OEM) and are migrating your development to a new release then you should probably complete your development and testing with the Developer Edition or full product.

If you are migrating a customer you should following the steps documented here:

If you are not the OEM then you need to work with your software vendor. In some cases you may need to purchase the full product if your use is beyond the scope of that application.

(14 Mar '17, 12:16) Nick Elson S...

I just tested the following Windows batch file on asademo.db originally created with 9.0.0 (1108), and it worked OK to create asademo17.db using

CAUTION: You should read all the "behavior changes" sections in the Help files for versions 10, 11, 12, 16 and 17 to see if anything affects you.

REM If you're a command-line kinda guy, here is my template Windows 
REM batch file run_dbunload_upgrade_v9_to_v17.bat. It does the 
REM unload-reload-all-in-one-dbunload-step, then starts dbeng17 
REM and dbisql so you can make sure the new database is up and running.

REM Be sure to stop *all* database engines on the computer you're using, 
REM before starting the upgrade.

REM dbunload...
REM -an ...  where to put new database
REM -ap ...  new database page size
REM -c ...   old database startup connection string
REM -o ...   where to put unload console display text file
REM -v       verbose mode for console display


  -an asademo17.db^
  -ap 4096^
  -c "DBF=asademo.db;UID=dba;PWD=sql"^
  -o dbunload_log_asademo.txt^

PAUSE dbunload/reload done...

  -f "%SQLANY17%\bin64\dbeng17.exe"^
  -o dbeng17_log_ddd17.txt^

PAUSE dbeng17 started...

  -c "ENG=asademo17;DBN=asademo17;UID=dba;PWD=sql" 

PAUSE dbisql running...

The dbunload output:

SQL Anywhere Unload Utility Version
Connecting and initializing
Unloading user and group definitions
Unloading table definitions
Unloading index definitions
Unloading functions
Unloading view definitions
Unloading procedures
Unloading triggers
Unloading SQL Remote definitions
Unloading MobiLink definitions
Creating new database
Unloading "DBA"."sales_order" (648 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."sales_order_items" (1097 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."contact" (60 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."customer" (126 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."fin_code" (7 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."fin_data" (84 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."product" (10 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."department" (5 rows)
Unloading "DBA"."employee" (75 rows)
Creating indexes
Creating indexes for (1/9) "DBA"."sales_order"
Creating indexes for (2/9) "DBA"."sales_order_items"
Creating indexes for (3/9) "DBA"."contact"
Creating indexes for (4/9) "DBA"."customer"
Creating indexes for (5/9) "DBA"."fin_code"
Creating indexes for (6/9) "DBA"."fin_data"
Creating indexes for (7/9) "DBA"."product"
Creating indexes for (8/9) "DBA"."department"
Creating indexes for (9/9) "DBA"."employee"
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answered 13 Mar '17, 13:47

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