Good day for all! After closing connection to ASA9 server from my program with this code:

_cn = new AsaConnection();


_cn = null;

In sybase central connection showed in Connected users tab with last requst COMMIT, and disappears only after closing the program. It normally? How can I really close connection without closing program? Garbage collection not helps...

asked 14 Feb '13, 02:58

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This is the expected behaviour - connection pooling is enabled on ADO.NET connections by default. If you wish to disable this behaviour (although it's enabled for performance reasons), you can add POOLING=FALSE to your connection string.

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answered 14 Feb '13, 09:08

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Jeff Albion
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Connection pooling is enabled by default IIRC. If you disable pooling, this behavior should clear. To do so, change you connection string to disable pooling by adding POOLING=FALSE as in:

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answered 14 Feb '13, 09:14

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Chris Keating
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Might be connection pooling (the connection is waiting to be reused) To double check, try a loop to do your stuff >32767 times, if you run out of connections I would say it is a bug.

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answered 14 Feb '13, 03:58

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