New DB created by SA17 has 2 users EXTENV_MAIN and EXTENV_WORKER that couldn't be deleted. Meanwhile in chm, pdf and online doc there is no a word about EXTENV_MAIN and EXTENV_WORKER.

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I've found the following here: SyBools online

EXTENV_MAIN and EXTENV_WORKER users EXTENV_MAIN and EXTENV_WORKER are used for external environment support. They are for internal use only and have limited permissions. See SQL Anywhere external environment support.

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For v16 and above (with a newly created database), it seems somewhat different:

EXTENV_MAIN and EXTENV_WORKER are listed in SYS.SYSUSER with user_type 12, i.e. "12 Mutable and removable user". However, I cannot remove those with a DROP USER statement.

select user_id, user_name, user_type
from sysuser where user_name like 'EXTENV%'



drop user "EXTENV_MAIN";

returns SQLCODE -1536: "Could not execute statement. Invalid user ID or role name 'EXTENV_MAIN' specified"

(21 Feb '17, 02:22) Volker Barth
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