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Hi all

I am trying to create a batch file that will create a folder of todays date, then backup the db file to that folder, something along the lines of..

setlocal enableextensions
set name=%DATE:/=_%
mkdir %name%
dbbackup -c "uid=DBA;pwd=SQL;dbn=BrewMasterWorld" %name%

Appreciate any guidance on this



asked 31 May '16, 12:04

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Colin M
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Mark Culp

IMHO that looks ok, but you might want to add the eng={enginename} parameter to the connection string.

Another approach would use an SQL statement for that purpose:

create variable @path varchar(127);
set @path= String('C:\Backup\',dateformat(today(),'mm_dd_yyyy'));
backup database directory @path
This could be executed as a batch with ISQL.

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answered 01 Jun '16, 05:04

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Reimer Pods
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