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I have a database with db file on D: drive and Transaction log on E: drive. For some test I want to use a copy of this database done with dbbackup. Dbbackup copies both file db and log into one target directory. But leave the transaction log name on original path. I cannot start this database because transaction log file Name is stored in db file with full path of the live db on E: drive. If I try to change the name an error occurs telling me the database needs recovery because it looks in transaction log file form the live database. I can use dblog to remove transaction log but not the name but in this case I lose the changes done after last check point. Is there some other possibility?

asked 08 Apr '20, 15:34

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Miro Marek
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Just to understand: DBLOG -t new-transaction-log-path fails when run against the backup copy of the database file? Because IMHO that should work (and I would set a relative path then or just the transaction log name without a path)...

What does DBLOG without further options tell when run against the backup database file?

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answered 08 Apr '20, 16:06

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Volker Barth
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here's what i do to set up a test database using a full backup copy the db and log fill to a different folder ex: c:\databasse\test\ rename the db and log files c:\database\test\myDB.db > c:\database\test\test.db and c:\database\test\myDB.log > c:\database\test\test.log use Sybsse Central to change log file settings Tools > SQL Anywhere 16 > Change Log File Settings follow the prompts and your test db is ready to run

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answered 09 Apr '20, 08:33

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Tom Mangano
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