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I want to take daily full backup and incremental backups so which one of these should i prefer? There isn't enough information about them in documentation .

asked 02 Apr '20, 13:26

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See here to be told why you won't use archive backups...

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answered 02 Apr '20, 13:46

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Volker Barth
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You are my saviour man. Thanks a ton and one more question can you suggest me best practice for full and incremental backup. From my understanding , I think that I should take daily full backup (full image backup with logs truncated ) and 2 incremental daily backups(Image backup with only logs and truncated that logs) between them for my solution and create them in maintanance for automation. Am i correct ?

(02 Apr '20, 14:22) hg1735
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and all these options provide functionality to provide database level backup. Is there any way to take server level backup like metadata and jobs related to server ?

(02 Apr '20, 14:31) hg1735
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and in valitdation in maintenance page which option should I prefer ? I'm thinking about full check (to validate database pages)and I'm confused about which one to choose between express check vs normal check ?

(03 Apr '20, 03:02) hg1735
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What do you mean by server level metadata and jobs? SQL Anywhere has no concept of "system databases" or the like (as MS SQL or SAP ASE do), automated tasks like events (see CREATE EVENT) are stored in "normal" databases and are part of the database backup.

(03 Apr '20, 03:07) Volker Barth

Well, I can't tell what your "correct" backup handling is, simply as I don't know about your use case. How often you should do a backup should be dependent of (among others)

  • the rate of modifications (i.e. how quick does your database file(s) and your log grow),
  • the worth and costs of lost data when you have to restore to older data because the live database somehow gets corrupt (how many users need to be told their latest transactions were lost, and what are they going to do...),
  • the time you may have to restore the database,
  • the time needed for a full backup vs. incremental vs. differential backups,
  • the frequency the database is used over the day (24x7 or are there "idle times"?)
  • file size issues and more...

To add, there are environments where you should not truncate logs, say when using SQL Remote and/or MobiLink.

(03 Apr '20, 03:25) Volker Barth

Well, this forum (and the docs) contain many information about backup and validation, further you can check "Breck Carter's blog on SQL Anywhere" that also contains a bunch of helpful material and step-by-step instructions - just search for backup and/or validation here and there.

A general note: You may find samples with older database versions. If this is v11 or above, I guess the recommendations do also apply to the current v17 version but you might need to replace version-specific commands (say, dbsrv17.exe instead of dbsrv11.exe).

(03 Apr '20, 03:29) Volker Barth

And one more suggestion: When you have more questions (instead of asking more details on the original question), it is helpful to ask them as separate questions - otherwise they might get overlooked here.

(03 Apr '20, 03:32) Volker Barth

Okay will do that in future thanks for your time and support :)

(03 Apr '20, 04:33) hg1735
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