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Hi all,

we facing a problem when trying to login into databse with an account from a trusted domain, the database log shows the following error:

E. 12/02 10:51:21. Connection ID 16: Connection error '28W04': Integrated login failed

Any suggestions or is login from trusted domains in general not possible?



asked 02 Dec '15, 11:54

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There are a number of possible ways this could simply be misconfigured. If you are confident you have satisfied all the set up requirements do read on; otherwise you might need to divulge a few more details about your account, credentials, login_mode settings and mappings.

There have been a number of recent corrections made to integrated logins. Some of those are available in the latest patch for 12.0.1; identified as EBF 25390: 12.0.1 SP95 Build 4314. You might want to test with that to see if that addresses your issue. Another fix is still pending but, so far, I haven't identified if you have that issue or not.

Information about your specific 12.0.1 build may be important.

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answered 02 Dec '15, 12:19

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Hi Nick,

we have ASA version, our login mode is Standard,Integrated. The integrated login is working with Windows user from the same domain as the DB Server, but not with an user from a trusted domain. A Windows login on the DB server with same account from trusted domain was successful. Is logon from a trusted domain not working in general, or is this configurable.



(03 Dec '15, 08:04) tkr104

So more accurately this is a cross domain implentation. If this is being managed for you using Active Directory Service then that should be transpared (I beleive); so maybe you just need to set the "integrated server name" option to fix this.

If you are not using Active Directory(ADS) read on . . . hopefully it will help some . . .

So you could be using a Pre-ADS implementation and may be hitting a fundamental barrier here.

* * * From my limited understanding of Windows security ...* * * My understanding is, currently,

I believe only Active Directory can be used to achieve.

Hopefully someone who has a better answer or work around will correct me on this ...

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answered 03 Dec '15, 09:12

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