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I have an SQLA 16.0.1324 database running on a Linux server.

Users connect via an application installed on their Windows desktops and those desktops are part of a Windows Domain.

I tried setting up Integrated Logins and specified the following option to specifically identify the domain controller:

SET OPTION PUBLIC.integrated_server_name = '\\DCServer';

When attempting an integrated login I get an error message -130 regarding UserID '' (seems to think the UserID was passed as an empty string).

Checking the ConnectFailed event parameters though, it shows the correct username in appdata as OSUSER=SigerMatt.

Is it possible to use Integrated Login against a Windows Active Directory if the database server is running on Linux?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

asked 10 Aug '16, 17:06

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Siger Matt
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Windows Integrated Logins is a feature of the Windows OS and requires both the clients and the server to be running on a Microsoft Windows OS. Having the OSUSER alone is not sufficient to make the verification work; some Windows OS-specific functions need to be available to the server.

That is the reason your Linux database server is expecting a UID and a PWD will be supplied.

There are other authentication mechanisms that may be of interest. Those include LDAP and KERBEROS but both are different from Windows Integrated Logins and may not be available in your environment or may not be what you are looking for. Version 17 also introduces support for the Unix/Linux-only PAMUA if that is of any interest.

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answered 10 Aug '16, 18:08

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Nick Elson S...
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Thanks for the help Nick!

(12 Aug '16, 18:42) Siger Matt
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