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SQL Anywhere Windows 2012R2

We have a user attempting to connect to the database from a client/server application using an integrated login. When she tries, she receives the message: File dba.table could not be opened. Error Invalid user authorization specification :integrated login failed.

She was able to log in previously. She had not been in the application for awhile and had since changed her password. We've tried several things, including changing her password again, reloading drivers, removing her from the database and re-adding her, and several more things within the application itself. Nothing has helped.

I'm not aware of anything changing on the server end, although as I said it had been awhile since she'd been in the application so I can't rule that out.

We're all in one domain here. I do not have the integrated_server_name option set. Never have and never had this issue.

Any thoughts? We are out of ideas.

Becky Snyder Bradley University Peoria, IL

asked 19 Jan '16, 12:05

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Assuming this is our SQLCODE=-245 error then it would seem to be related to the database server not being able to authenticate that user or can no longer map that user or groups to the internal userid.

This could be due the user not connecting to the same/expected domain. (i.e. could just be a local use or their machine and not connected to any domain or the domain could be different if using a VPN/remote access connection).

If the system the database server is no longer part of the expected domain, there could be an issue due to that.

If your login mappings are done using Windows Groups there have been a number of recent fixes there (in the latest SP/EBF). Some Groups that may have worked before may not work if the administrators have changed (as in added extra complexity) to the way groups are mapped.


(20 Jan '16, 10:35) Nick Elson S...
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