...and how is it different from PROPERTY ( 'Req' ) other than being much larger?

SELECT PROPERTY( 'CompletedReq' ), PROPERTY( 'Req' );


asked 21 Nov '15, 14:51

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Breck Carter
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Req is the total number times the server started processing a request that came from a connection. This could be higher than the actual number of requests because the server might start processing a request more than once.

CompletedReq is the total number of times the server finished processing any request, which includes internally-generated requests. This will count each request only once.

The reason CompletedReq would be larger than Req is that it includes internally-generated requests. This includes, for example, the cleaner, events, etc.... Depending on your criteria, CompletedReq may give a better overall impression of how much work is getting done by the server.

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answered 23 Nov '15, 14:12

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Phil Mitchell
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You can convert your comment to a question... I just noticed the new icon.

(24 Nov '15, 07:17) Breck Carter
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So I did, and now all the comments below (including Phil's and your answers) are gone... I feel sorry, man.

And that looks like a deja-vu of that question:

Administrators, is it OK to use the "convert to question" button?

(24 Nov '15, 07:52) Volker Barth

I've fixed the question you converted.

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