The Help for says that "When the client and server are both on the same computer, an empty string is returned" but that's not completely correct.

When the client is an EVENT, it returns 'NA'. Does that mean 'Not Applicable'?

Likely answer: "Gosh, what do you think, Breck?" <g>

And here is another stupid question: Does it return 'NA' for SERVICE connections as well? ( I don't have any of those that last long enough to see :)

SELECT * FROM sa_conn_properties() WHERE PropName = 'NodeAddress';

1000000107,193,'NodeAddress','Client node address','NA'
1000000021,193,'NodeAddress','Client node address','NA'
177,193,'NodeAddress','Client node address',''

asked 26 Feb '10, 09:14

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Breck Carter
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I can confirm that result for, and it's the same with And even for good old sa_conn_info() shows NA for an event's connection. Looks like it's always been there. So that might be the right time to request a documentation update (I don't have to point to to DCX, I suppose).

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answered 26 Feb '10, 13:18

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Reimer Pods
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Have you seen what it shows for a SERVICE connection? ( I'm too lazy to test :)

(26 Feb '10, 14:21) Breck Carter

I can confirm that internal connections, such as events, show NodeAddress as NA and that means Not Applicable.

@Breck: Web service requests show the NodeAddress as being the TCP/IP address of the client.

I have sent a request to the doc team to update the info re. NA values.

(26 Feb '10, 14:43) Mark Culp

FYI: Any of the connection properties relating to communication (e.g. CommLink, CommProtocol, Compression, ...) will all return "NA" if the request is running as part of an event or other internally generated process.

(26 Feb '10, 14:46) Mark Culp

@Breck: I must admit that I don't know what "SERVICE connection" means. So I didn't test that.

(01 Mar '10, 10:42) Reimer Pods
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