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According to the V16 Help, "Version 9 and earlier databases that require recovery cannot be reloaded with version 10 or later of the Unload utility (dbunload). You must reload the database with version 9 or earlier of dbunload."

Is this the message you get, or is the problem something else?

   -c "DBF=D:\fff\ddd.db; UID=dba; PWD=sql"^
   -o "D:\fff\dbunload_log.txt"^
   -r reload.sql^

SQL Anywhere Unload Utility Version
Connecting and initializing
***** SQL error: Unable to start database server: Server fatal error

asked 08 Sep '15, 15:06

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Breck Carter
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Not by my tests. {neither at build# 1915 or newer) I get "Rebuild of database with older file format ignoring connection parameter "Servername"." instead of your error and it continues.

It sounds like the unload support binary is hitting a true fatal error. If you have the ASA9.0.x software accessible you should be able to diagnose that using dbeng9.

(08 Sep '15, 15:48) Nick Elson S...
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