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I'm trying to have a go with v17 to investigate what look like a really interesting set of new features. I have (eventually) been able to download a copy from my support portal account. This gives access to the main download and a pdf that calls itself my Temporary Licence Key - it asks me to get a permanent key asap - but we'll come to that later.

I run the installer and get asked for my key, which I enter:

alt text

I press Next and nothing happens - no error message - nothing. (I also tried the third option but that was the same). I know I can install the Developer edition, but I'd rather do it properly first time.

I tried to follow the link to get a permanent key - this is given as - which just dumps you at the home screen. I hunted around and eventually found something at

but that 65 page document makes no sense whatever to me. It goes on about SySAM 2 enabled products and all sorts of stuff but doesn't mention SQL Anywhere. maybe it's all about ASE- but it doesn't say so.

Also - the Passport system that made this whole business slightly less painful seems to have stopped working and you have to enter credentials again and again - but maybe that's just my set up. It was OK the last time I got an ebf. Links to the Passport request service that I found on this forum are broken and when I tried to search for it, I was asked for my credentials for the £$$%&* time - at that point I gave up. When I last had a rant on this subject I (and everyone else) were promised improvements - but it just gets worse.

If I hadn't recently paid a six figure sum to SAP in fees I might not find this hassle quite so irritating - but it really does need to be streamlined for everyone. Not just more (and meaningful) instructions, but a process that doesn't reduce one to fury before one even starts. A 65 page document on how already licensed and paid up customers should apply for a licence key should surely be sending out very loud alarm bells.

asked 23 Jul '15, 21:50

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Justin Willey
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[NO-MOCKERY] You know that none of this went through beta, right? Including support portal delivery, right? Which means that YOU are now a beta tester :) [/NO-MOCKERY]

FWIW the Developer Edition install does work... except for the Compiled HTML Help component; for that you have to uninstall the V16 Compiled HTML Help first (unless the promised fix has been shipped already). unless you download(ed) the CHM setup after July 21, 2015.

Having said that, your valuable warning is much appreciated!

alt text

(24 Jul '15, 00:57) Breck Carter
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Entering the system information is weird as the order of the comboboxes is not handled from top to bottom ;-)

(24 Jul '15, 03:42) Martin
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...except for the Compiled HTML Help component; for that you have to uninstall the V16 Compiled HTML Help first (unless the promised fix has been shipped already).

Not in my experience, I could easily install the v17 HTML help without any interference with the v16 help (as it should be, apparently, I have also installed several SA vXX HTML help versions...).

FWIW: My SAP accesses have stopped working since I forgot to re-new my SAP client certificates early enough. I'm hopeful that SAP support will be able to help but it still makes me feel they try hard to make it hard for customers, and they succeed.

(24 Jul '15, 03:51) Volker Barth

I downloaded SQLA170_Documentation_English_HTML_Help.exe on Monday, but the Installation didn't work. InstallShield complained that another version of the product is already installed, which should be unistalled first. But there's not trace of it, the menu entry for the help leads to DCX.

(24 Jul '15, 04:16) Reimer Pods

Well, I took the v17 HTML help install from here yesterday - without messing up the v16 doc install. The file name is the same, but I can't tell whether it is the same file. - Possibly a case of "Späte Geburt", you know:)

But there's not trace of it, the menu entry for the help leads to DCX.

That's still that way, I had to add that manually. (Quite funny: You explicitly install a local help and get only a link to the online help...)

(24 Jul '15, 04:24) Volker Barth

At least you got it working - for me, entering systems seemed to succeed but none were generated - so no license keys, as well:(.

I may have felt differently years ago - but the Sybase Product Download Center was not that bad compared to the status quo...

(24 Jul '15, 05:14) Volker Barth

FWIW, the same problem here with a not-continuing installation step - although getting the install was not too difficult once I could re-new my SAP passports...

Possible the temporary installation key (which looks like yours as far as the visible parts go) was not that durable.

In contrast, the included "Windows Client" license key allows to proceed with the installation but will install just the client, so does not help either.

(24 Jul '15, 05:21) Volker Barth

Wow, thanks, refreshing experience being able to just download a file instead of clicking thru endless screens, nearly always being asked for identification again and again. And it installed without a glitch, so that part is solved. But I cannot figure out how to tell SC to use the locally installed docs instead of DCX.

(24 Jul '15, 09:09) Reimer Pods
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> yesterday - without messing up the v16 doc install

So it's been fixed... thanks, I've been missing the V16 CHM :)

(24 Jul '15, 09:55) Breck Carter

> another version of the product is already installed

...and that was V16, since (I think) someone forgot to change the InstallShield Product Code before shipping the V17 CHM setup.exe. As you and Volker report, it apparently has been fixed as of Thursday.

(24 Jul '15, 09:59) Breck Carter

FYI all: After downloading an SAP setup.exe, you can see the date on which it was created by looking at the Properties - Digital Signatures tab: the Timestamp column is July 9 for the bad V17 CHM, July 21 for the fix.

(24 Jul '15, 10:13) Breck Carter
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Justin - Engineering is looking into why that temp key is not working. However, as you've already stated, I would just install as a Developer Edition. Regarding the "production license keys", that 65 page document you reference actually covers SQL Anywhere in slides 36-38 (section entitled Generating License Key Pool Keys). I'm sorry to see you're running into these irritations - transitions to new systems are never straight-forward but we'll try to iron out these issues to the best of our abilities as they're reported. Regards, Mike

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answered 24 Jul '15, 11:40

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Mike Paola
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How is the process - do I have to download and install the Developer Edition, or is it fitting to get a "developer license key" (if so, how) and apply it to the normal setup?

(28 Jul '15, 03:11) Volker Barth

As the screenshot in this question shows, you may choose "Install SQL Anywhere Developer Edition" with the first radio button (that might be depending on which setup you downloaded). Simply continue the installation then, a registration key isn't required.

(28 Jul '15, 04:03) Reimer Pods
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Reimer, thanks for the pointer to the obvious - looks like I should rather be looking for the "Fool Edition":)

(28 Jul '15, 05:26) Volker Barth
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