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I’m interested in using the dbo.sa_post_login_procedure in a client application using an ODBC connection. What process would I use to select the message_text and message_action? Of course I could select * from dbo.sa_post_login_procedure after a connection but that wouldn’t work if the procedure was modified with the SET OPTION PUBLIC.post_login_procedure command. I’m interested in this being portable across databases. If the answer is I have to first SELECT CONNECTION_PROPERTY ( XYZ ), I think that's to much work.

On another note I was reviewing the dbo.sa_post_login_procedure in this version and can’t see how it works with the clause where login_policy_name = 'default' since the default login_policy_name is ‘root’.

Finally, whats with this not being able to type in plain text

asked 05 Feb '15, 21:40

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J Diaz
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by the way thanks in advance

(05 Feb '15, 21:41) J Diaz

Okay ... You can enquire the database option for that using the function db_property( 'post_login_procedure' ) and form the string 'call ' or 'select * from ' to pass to execute immediate.

The following works well enough in my QnD test in dbisql:

execute immediate with result set on string( 'select * from ', connection_property( 'post_login_procedure' ), '()' );

execute immediate with result set on string( 'call ', connection_property( 'post_login_procedure' ), '()' );


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answered 06 Feb '15, 11:33

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Nick, thanks that will work.


(06 Feb '15, 14:15) J Diaz
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