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I'm having trouble signing in using an Open-ID from, which has worked for years. I'm getting
Sorry, but your input is not a valid OpenId

The following link on is broken:
If you don't have an OpenID, there are a number of providers listed at

Any ideas?

EDIT: yesterday (June 21) the forum server was not accessible, today I'm logged out. Trying to login in with my Yahoo-Open-ID doesn't work. Any ideas are appreciated.

asked 06 Mar '17, 04:44

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Reimer Pods
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I am investigating this problem and will post an answer as soon as I know anything.

(06 Mar '17, 15:23) Graeme Perrow
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I have the same problem with my self- hosted, wordpress- based OpenID

(07 Mar '17, 08:23) Volker DB-TecKy
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I have the same problem with LJ OpenID.

(08 Mar '17, 04:18) Dmitri

Fortunately you all have an alternative login method:)

(08 Mar '17, 04:29) Volker Barth

IMO OpenId should be dumped... it was a bad idea ten years ago.

(08 Mar '17, 12:49) Breck Carter
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(08 Mar '17, 12:51) Vlad

Works now :).

(09 Mar '17, 10:29) Dmitri

Do the same thing banks do, and ecommerce sites do, and every other site that is concerned about security does... maintain their own user id and password facilities separate from all other such facilities in the world. That allows security-concious users maintain separate passwords for every site. Other people can still use the same password for everything, of course :)

(09 Mar '17, 10:50) Breck Carter

Doesn't appear to work for everyone yet though... we're still investigating.

(09 Mar '17, 10:59) Mark Culp

Well, I would say there is no silver bullet to rule them all. The password maintenance is a dirty thing. Here is one of the examples (The seller is offering 640,000 PlayStation accounts for USD 35.71). E.g. another interesting concept is how is working - everything is bound to your email. Why should one remember passwords, since everything he needs is to confirm the identity and slack offers this with ease.

And of course, you don't need to read my reply if you have already read about + and - what OpenID provides (that is why I put this link at the end of the comment): What are the advantages and disadvantages to using OpenID?


(12 Mar '17, 06:08) Vlad

Oh! I forgot to add... OAuth is also worth trying it :)

(12 Mar '17, 06:16) Vlad

EDIT: yesterday (June 21) the forum server was not accessible, today I'm logged out. Trying to login in with my Yahoo-Open-ID doesn't work. Any ideas are appreciated.

Well, I had to re-login after the forum downtime, too, but my SAP credentials do work - as do you alternative credentials, apparently:)

(22 Jun '18, 05:04) Volker Barth
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There were issues involving the proxy server on the new forum machine, which have now been resolved. This should be working now.

permanent link

answered 09 Mar '17, 11:26

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Graeme Perrow
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We appreciate the work you put in (and the hoops you leap through) to keep this forum operating.

(09 Mar '17, 12:36) Breck Carter
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