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Hi ,

I am new to SQL anywhere and we have very old SQL anywhere instance Version 5. We use DSN to connect to this server/database but when tried to connect getting error Permission denied: you do not have permission to select from “DUMMY”. This looks like permission error but its not allowing me to connect to check or rectify. How can I connect to this server now , I don't have any other DSN or userid password. Thanks for any help on this.

asked 24 Nov '11, 01:27

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Justin Willey

In order to get an error message like that, it sounds like you are in fact getting connected, but using a user id that has insufficient rights for your purpose. You may be able to get a better idea of what is going on by logging the connection activity, either through turning on ODBC trace or through the SQL Anywhere client (not sure how to do that in v5 - its probably an option on the dbclient.exe maybe -z & -o from what I can remember).

Have you tried connecting using default UID / PWD : dba / sql ? You could create a new DSN to use those.

If that doesn't work, you may need paid for support to salvage the data.

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DBClient.exe Syntax

dbclient [switches] server-name

Windows 3.x syntax

dbclienw [switches] server-name

Switch Description starting communication links

starting communication links > -b max-packets Set the maximum number of packets for multi-row fetches

-c Purge previous connections
-e Encrypt all network packets
-ga Automatically shut down after last connection closed
-o filename Output messages to a file
-p packet_size Set maximum network packet size
-q Quiet mode—suppress output
-r Disable multiple-row fetching
-s buffer_space Memory for buffers in K
-ta sec Scan time for terminated applications:—default 30 seconds
-tl seconds Client liveness timeout in seconds—default is server setting which defaults to 120 seconds
-ts t1[,t2] Client min [and max] retry time in 100ths of a second
-x list Comma separated list of communication links to run, with any parameters
-y Start with no server connection
-Z Provide diagnostic information when starting communication linksstarting communication links

(24 Nov '11, 08:14) Justin Willey
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SQLAnywhere version 9 can read version 5 database files. It might work better and/or provide better diagnostics.

(24 Nov '11, 08:51) John Smirnios
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