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I have jdbc code which talks to Sybase IQ. One of the thread is loading/update data into one Sybase IQ table say t1. Other threads will try to fire SQL query on table t1 after the first finished loading/updating data.

Write thread:
Create table t1, load/update data into t1, commit to t1.

Read thread(s):
Read select query from t1

I am using JDBC and I am getting the following error as mentioned in here

Transaction 156593 attempted to access an object created by transaction 156608.
-- (db_txnInfo.cxx 690)
Sybase error code=21, SQLState=”QDA11”

I am not sure where is the problem I am commiting after every load. Every thread uses different connection read thread fires only select query then where is the problem how do I debug? Please guide. I am new to Sybase IQ and JDBC. Thanks in advance.

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This website is for SAP SQL Anywhere which is a separate product from SAP IQ. The two products do share a lot of code BUT your symptom looks unique to IQ, so try "Start a discussion" over on the SAP SCN IQ website.

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answered 28 Jul '14, 15:24

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