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Hi I have complete working code to connect and update database sybase iq via JDBC. Currently I am giving user name and password of sybase iq database. But I would like to authenticate user with his Kerberos login details and not the login details of sybase iq database.

Is it possible to achieve Kerberos authentication through any JDBC driver especially pure java driver? I am new to JDBC. Please guide. Thanks in advance.

asked 10 Jul '13, 06:10

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Mark Culp

You can use Kerberos authentication with both the SQL Anywhere JDBC Driver and the jConnect JDBC Driver. jConnect is pure JAVA whereas the SQL Anywhere JDBC Driver is a Type-2 Driver. Note though that for both SQL Anywhere and IQ, the SQL Anywhere JDBC Driver quite often outperforms jConnect even though jConnect is a Type-4 Driver.

However, as I said above, both drivers can be used for Kerberos authentication. You can either consult your IQ documentation on how to prepare your database for Kerberos authentication or you can refer to the SQL Anywhere documentation since both apply. The SQL Anywhere Documentation can be found at:

Kerberos authentication

The "See also" section of the above documentation has additional links for using jConnect. If you decide on the SQL Anywhere JDBC Driver instead, then in addition to reviewing the above link, you should also look at the following:

Kerberos connection parameter

permanent link

answered 11 Jul '13, 07:38

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Karim Khamis
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Hi @Karim thanks a lot for the valuable input. I would like to stick to pure java driver because of client dll dependancies. I have gone through the links you have given it does not explain how do I authenticate kerberose using java jdbc? It would be great help if you can share some links of jconnect kerberose java examples. It seems like I will have to use JAAS api and do authentication.

(11 Jul '13, 11:43) user1070
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Here's the link to the jConnect doc Karim has mentioned:

Configuring Kerberos for Sybase

(11 Jul '13, 12:10) Volker Barth
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