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We're looking for a 3rd party tool to extend the native auditing functionality to allow reporting on historical data per DIACAP V-6173 of the AS&D Checklist to retain logs for 5 years.

Or has someone enabled the functionality of ASE to log audit data to an audit DB?

Only tool I found stopped supporting SQLA at v10, and I'm getting errors with v16

asked 27 Feb '14, 12:08

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Good news, the latest version of DBAUDIT works with Sybase ASA v16, bad news I haven't received any responses from this post about alternatives. I found Breck Carter's series on creating our own auditing functionality which we might consider

(04 Mar '14, 12:09) vorear2

I'm having an EXTREME case of deja vu here... but no, there is no other recent question on the same subject. It must be this one I am thinking of: Auditing group membership

Good luck! ...if you really do have to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, you will need it. If Dodd-Frank is also in your future, prayer is recommended :)

(05 Mar '14, 09:14) Breck Carter

Thanks, love your blog but we're trying to meet DOD

(05 Mar '14, 11:35) vorear2
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A delightfully vague document :)

Seriously, that would be a fun project: Build an audit trail framework for SQL Anywhere. The base data would be ACID-protected by storing it in the database itself, and MobiLink could be used to continuously copy it upwards/outwards to another SQL Anywhere database, likewise ACID-protected but stored elsewhere. Marketers could write glowing descriptions of how thorough and perfectly paranoid such a mechanism would be. One might even be able to write a blog post about it... after spending hundreds (hah!) of hours building it. (Yes, I have just watched Almost Human episode 10 in which a futuristic pharmaceutical printer wrote a perfect audit trail of the drugs it created to "the cloud" even while being hacked by an evil-doer :)

(05 Mar '14, 13:55) Breck Carter
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