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Is it possible to get an Intel compiled instead of the ARM version? The Intel based Android simulators are so much faster - plus third party emulators like gennymotion are intel based. This would make working with our app in a simulator environment during development much faster.

asked 04 Feb '14, 14:16

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There is no x86 port, mainly because we haven't heard much demand for Android x86 devices. The simulator case is a new idea though. We'll take it as a suggestion - thanks.

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answered 04 Feb '14, 14:27

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Tom Slee
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Is there any possibility of getting obfuscated source we could build ourselves (similar to how things are done on the iOS side)?

(04 Feb '14, 14:49) technomatt

This might warrant a whole new question - but is there any documentation on why the Ultralite Java Edition can't be run on Android? (The one developed for Blackberry that appears to be pure java). This would also allow us to use the Intel-based simulator... if we were able to deploy Ultralite Java Edition to Android devices.

(04 Feb '14, 16:23) technomatt

The Java Edition was designed with BlackBerry in mind and some of the features it has are linked to that platform, so don't work particularly well elsewhere (BB had object handles as a limited resource, for example). Performance is also a lot better for the C++ version that we provide on Android, even given the JNI interface that is needed there.

(05 Feb '14, 16:29) Tom Slee
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Ok - we have a real need for the Intel version now. We have a new client who has just informed us they're using Samsung Galaxy 3 10.1 tabs - which are atom powered. We were expecting to roll out a beta to them tomorrow. Any change there's an intel .SO coming in the near future?

(17 Feb '14, 18:39) technomatt

Unfortunately we are still working on whether we can schedule this port. It will take a couple of days until we know what's up. I'll get back to you then. Perhaps you could email me so I have your contact information? firstname.lastname at sap dot com.

(18 Feb '14, 16:34) Tom Slee

I see that this is an old question, but I could certainly use the x86 Android libraries, both for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the simulator. The Developer's Edition of SA17 seems to only have the ARM version.

Any update on availability for the x86 Android library?

(23 Sep '15, 15:24) Terry Wilkinson

x86 libraries for UltraLiteJ for Android are available in SQLA 17.0.0 beginning in build 1217. I have no comment on SQLA 12 or 16 at this time.

(24 Sep '15, 13:43) Andy Quick

Thanks Andy, good news.

I'm using the latest download from, which is Developer Edition Version

Any idea when that download might be updated to 1217 or later?


(24 Sep '15, 15:55) Terry Wilkinson
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