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can anyone tell me, how do we use global external functions and what are the uses of it..?

asked 05 Nov '13, 05:32

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Mark Culp

What do you mean with "Global external functions"? - Are you refering to external functions/stored procedures, i.e. functions/procedures that are callable from SQL but are written in programming languages like C/C++/Java/Perl?

If so, confine these topics from the v12.0.1 docs:

(05 Nov '13, 05:49) Volker Barth
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(05 Nov '13, 14:07) Breck Carter

oh.. sorry i didn't mention the tool.. i am talking about the global external functions in powerbuilder..

(06 Nov '13, 00:20) kvraman03

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This forum concentrates on SQL Anywhere. For PowerBuilder related questions, this would be a better place to post them: PowerBuilder Developer Center

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answered 06 Nov '13, 04:44

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Reimer Pods
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FWIW: the global external functions in PB are for external dll calls such as Windows APIs etc. As I recall they are written up pretty well in the PB HTML books documentation that comes with PB and are still tricky to use. Once you've read that, the link in the answer is probably your best source of information.

(06 Nov '13, 11:44) Ron Emmert

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