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We have schema that was syncing fine between Ultralite 10 and Oracle 10g. We exported the schema, imported schema into 11g, and updated the Sybase to M-Biz 7/SQL Anywhere 12. We also ran the needed ml_add_missing_dnld_scripts stored procedure. However when trying to sync the same Ultralite 10 UDB file to the new Oracle 11g schema we are receiving the three of the following errors:

[-10366] The table '{TableName}' has no download_cursor script

Then I would run the execute ml_add_table_script stored procedure to add the --{ml_ignore} script for that listed tables and then try and re-sync and I get three more errors indicating missing download scripts.

I have queried the Oracle ML_ tables to list the sync versions and the tables they are associated to and all of the records show up with the required download or upload event.

So where would I go to see where Mobilink is associating\getting these other tables need these download event?

Thanks for the help.

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Here comes some guesswork :)...

Try using the mslrv12 -o filespec.txt -vcefhkmnopstuU options to log everything interesting except data values; the output may give you a clue.

Oracle databases tend to have lots and lots of different schemas (owners), and "using the wrong schema" is a characteristic error folks make when using Oracle. For example, it is quite easy to get multiple MobiLink setups installed on an Oracle database by running the syncora.sql script when connected with multiple different user ids.

Then, when running the MobiLink server, it is the user id that mslrv12.exe connects with that determines which set of ml_ tables is used.

Another example of the same error is using different Oracle user ids when updating the MobiLink scripts; e.g., you might think you are specifying the ml_ignore script, and you have, in a commpletely different set of ml_ tables.

(the problem with multiple user ids can happen with ANY consolidated database product, but in the real world it seems to be more common with Oracle... again, because the stereotypical Oracle shop has one giant database and a billion schemas)

A third area of confusion, not specific to Oracle, is the MobiLink script version. It is a characteristic error when using MobiLink to set up scripts using one version, and then having the remote client synchronize using a different version.

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