we try to add some new columns to two existing tables, which are involved in a sql remote replication. For this we usually use the passthrough command.


passthrough for subscription to owner.Replica1;

ALTER TABLE Catalogues
MODIFY ActiveInProposal DEFAULT (1)

ALTER TABLE Catalogues
ADD ThumbnailFilename CHAR (100 )  NULL

ALTER TABLE Catalogues
ADD ThumbnailMimeType CHAR (30 )  NULL

passthrough stop;

That used to work fine just a few weeks ago. Now the command fails with this error:

"Command could not be executed. Table OurTable is part of a sychronization definition" SQLCode = -819, ODBC state = "42502"

According to this posting http://groups.google.com/group/sybase.public.sqlanywhere.replication/browse_thread/thread/ddc0b7201c6f8aeb

it has to do with some mobilink definitions. But in that database we just don't have any mobilink definitions.

If we however make a

select * from sys.syssync

We receive this row:

sync_id;type;publication_id;progress;site_name;option;server_connect;server_conn_type;last_download_time;last_upload_time;created;log_sent;generation_number;extended_state 1;'D';1;;;;;'TCPIP';;'1900-01-01 00:00:00.000';;;0;''

And looking at sys.publication we see:

creator;publication_name;remarks;type;sync_type 'owner';'Replica1';'Full replica for server in Site 1';'R';'logscan'

In sybase central I don't see any mobilink users/defintions/publications.... So how can I get past this error. (I'm a bit scared by the "drop publication" command, especially since I don't know what name I should put in there...


asked 15 Dec '10, 14:36

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This has been identified as a bug in the server, and has been fixed for versions 12.x. The bug number is 652759. The bug description is as follows:

If a table was included in a publication and one or more MobiLink options were defined for that publication but there were no synchronization subscriptions defined, the table could not be ALTERed to, for example, add a new column. This has been fixed.

Rich Jones iAnywhere Engineering

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answered 22 Dec '10, 18:13

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Rich Jones
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Volker Barth

@Rich: Well, as André has stated to use SA 11, will this be fixed, too?

(23 Dec '10, 11:08) Volker Barth

Yep, I had this in SA 11. Would be nice to have it fixed there also

(23 Dec '10, 18:30) ASchild

Did what I intended.

It looks like there is a "bug" in sybase central:

  • When you have a sql remote only publication
  • Then you go to the properties of that publication
  • Then on the "Connections" page ("Verbindungen" in german) by default the TCP/IP is choosen (when not mobilink exists)
  • You now change the radio button to https and then back to tcp/ip (Without any changes)

When you now do a "Apply" it creates you a mobilink tcpip definition in the database. In the gui you don't see if it's "undefined" or if a tcpip defintion exists.

Nasty ;)

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answered 15 Dec '10, 16:55

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Weird! I'm really glad I'm used to change all settings only with statements, not GUIs. - But it's good to hear that your PASSTHROUGH changes went through in the end - I guess the ML error message could have caused something like a heart-attack...

(16 Dec '10, 11:47) Volker Barth

I'm too long in business to let computers doing that to me, but it did raise my heart-beats ;)

(17 Dec '10, 06:52) ASchild

If there was an end-of-year Awards Banquet, this bug would get a prize of some kind.

(23 Dec '10, 08:25) Breck Carter

@Breck: The bug or its fix? :)

(23 Dec '10, 11:09) Volker Barth
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