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I am trying to use SQL Passthrough to send a schema change to several remote databases. The remote databases are SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 and are running on Window 7 tablet computers. The consolidated schema is on a Oracle database running on Solaris 10. The MobiLink server is also running on Solaris 10.

When I add rows to the ml_passthrough table in the consolidated Oracle schema, the MobiLink server tries to load the JAVA VM. I see the following error in the MobiLink server log: <main> [-10133] Unable to load jvm.dll. This file does not exist on my Solaris 10 server. My synchronization scripts do not use JAVA. Does SQL Passthrough require JAVA? Or is there a way to disable the need to start the JAVA VM?

Thanks, Cullen

asked 03 Apr '13, 10:45

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Volker Barth

SQL Passthrough initially required Java, but at some point we rewrote it in C++ to remove that requirement. I'm not sure what build we changed that in; if you apply the most recent EBF, the error should go away.

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answered 03 Apr '13, 10:57

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Bill Somers
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We are running SQL Anywhere MobiLink Server Version

(03 Apr '13, 11:02) cullen
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I'm pretty sure that's the GA build. I can't find the QTS for it, but it looks like the C++ version was put in just before the first Solaris EBF.

(03 Apr '13, 11:41) Bill Somers

Thanks. I have downloaded the most recent EBF (build 2913) for SQL Anywhere Version 11.0.1 running on Solaris Sparc. Now I must find a test server I can use. I will follow up later with results.

(03 Apr '13, 12:17) cullen

I applied EBF (build 2913) but still get the JAVA VM error. When I execute dbeng11 -v, the output is After restarting the MobiLink server, the log still shows SQL Anywhere MobiLink Server Version Are there separate EBFs than the ASA 11 EBFs that should be applied for the MobiLink server?

(05 Apr '13, 12:37) cullen
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That EBF is attributed as "SA components only" - I'm not aware what exactly that does mean, however, it seems to exclude ML. So you will have to apply an older EBF without that attribute to the machine the ML Server is running on - the newest such EBF for Solaris SPARC seems to be 2753...

Note, if this is the same box you have applied 2913 to, I guess you will have to uninstall SA 11.0.1 completely before you can apply an older EBF than you have installed already - at least that's a requirement under Windows...

(05 Apr '13, 12:53) Volker Barth

Ok thanks! I will start working on that now. I thought installing the latest EBF would also install any previous EBFs that were not already installed (i.e. the latest EBF included all previous EBFs).

(05 Apr '13, 13:00) cullen
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Yes, EBFs are generally cumulative. However, EBFs declared as "SA components only" seem to include all previous fixes for these components only, and that seems reasonable in my book...

(05 Apr '13, 13:11) Volker Barth

I applied EBF 2753 for Solaris SPARC to SA The MobiLink server successfully enabled the SQL passthrough support. Thank you so much Bill and Volker for all the help!

(05 Apr '13, 13:53) cullen

Correct, EBFs are always cumulative and contains all changes up to the build number of the EBF for the software that is included in the EBF. The "SA components only" EBFs contain a subset of the software - see my answer to this question.

(05 Apr '13, 14:16) Mark Culp
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