We are planning HA here, and the best solution to our needs is:

  • Primary server running on physical box, installed on building 1.
  • Mirror server running on a vm box, installed on building 1.
  • Mirror server running on vm box, installed on building 2.

Everything is fine, but now we have a problem with Mode. Can I use synchronous between servers on same building and asynchronous to communicate with server on building 2? It's because I can have high latency and my application do alots of (bank) transactions per second.

Thank you

asked 18 Jul '12, 08:57

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If your question is, "can I use different modes for different mirror and copy nodes?" then the rule that "Watcom does things the way they should be done" probably applies... wagers are now being accepted, odds are 50:1 on "yes" :)

(18 Jul '12, 09:36) Breck Carter

With HA you can have only 1 mirror server (as far as I know) Have a look at Introduction to database mirroring

With Scale out you can use multiple servers, but read-only.

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answered 18 Jul '12, 09:18

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Two problems with that link: wrong topic, and wrong location (infocenter sucks, DCX rocks :)

Try this: http://dcx.sybase.com/index.html#1201/en/dbadmin/database-mirroring-overview.html

(18 Jul '12, 09:28) Breck Carter
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@Martin, Ok. But I can use HA and Scale in same environment/database? If I can, server on building 2 should be Scale, and servers on building 1 HA.

(18 Jul '12, 09:37) Zote
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There's a section in DCX covering "readonly copy node", see here:

(18 Jul '12, 10:26) Reimer Pods
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@Reimer: That's one NASTY url, even worse than crap like http://www.sybase.com/detail?id=1067224

I guess the memo got lost, the one that said "This is 2012! ...people like to know where they're going before they click on links."

(18 Jul '12, 12:07) Breck Carter

Thanks Breck, I have corrected the link

(18 Jul '12, 12:21) Martin

Yes I think that should be possible

(18 Jul '12, 12:21) Martin

@Reimer, OK. Now I know that to possible to have a failover strategy that I need. But how can I set different synchronization modes to HA and Scale databases?

(18 Jul '12, 16:06) Zote

Note that synchronization to the scaleout nodes is always asynchronous and is not configurable. The synchronization mode between the primary and mirror (i.e between the HA partners) is configurable using the SET MIRROR OPTION SYNCHRONIZATION_MODE = [ synchronous | asynchronous | asyncfullpage ].

(18 Jul '12, 17:04) Mark Culp
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