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I had two databases working via two diffrent services I had created in sybase central. I am using sqla I just copied the .db and .log file from on database location and copied it over on the other to make them both identical that i needed to do for my test. The service I copied from works fine but the one I copied to gives me this error when I start it:

not expecting any operations in transaction log

how do i fix this error, is it even possible to start this database with fresh log file instead of using one from that i copied from other location. thank you very much

asked 10 May '12, 09:02

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The database and log don't quite match. Essentially, the message indicates that the log contains "future operations" even though the database looks checkpointed as if it were from a backup or from a clean shutdown.

Are the database and/or log from a backup? Were they running on a UNIX system where perhaps you copied them while they are in use (which we can't really prevent on UNIX)?

If the database or log is from a backup, try the following: dbsrv12 -a foo.log foo.db (The server will then shut down if the log is successfully applied)

Then start your server again.

Since the database looks cleanly checkpointed, you might also get away with just deleting the log but you will lose whatever those "future" (relative to the database) transactions were.


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answered 10 May '12, 09:38

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John Smirnios
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thank u very much john, I just deleted the old log file and started the server and it created an new log file for me. since this is my test database I am not really very keen in keeping log of all transactions, so i could start with a new log file. I will now see if database has the data and if it works fine. thanks for ur help.

(10 May '12, 09:45) javedrehman
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