Hello first time user here. I am using SQL Anywhere 12 v And I am attempting to translate a customers database log. I have made several attempts using 2 different copies of their log file. The point that I get the failure at has varied a little. This is the message that I get. "... Checkpoint at 2014/01/03 22:00 Unable to reset output file An error occurred while attempting to translate the log file 'C:\Users\ACrosby\Desktop\Memphis City Cartage, Inc\ptools.log'." Any ideas or suggestions?

asked 08 Dec '14, 10:23

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Can you decribe exactly what steps you've taken before that message appeared? Have you verified, that it is really a database log?

(08 Dec '14, 10:28) Reimer Pods

I transferred the database log xxxxxx.log from the customers server to my desktop via ftp. The I open Sybase Central and connect to SQL Anywhere 12. And then I go to Tools and select Translate log file. And step through the wizard and begin the translation.

(08 Dec '14, 10:36) Arthur

The error message "Unable to reset output file" occurs when dbtran is trying to initialize (truncate) the output file or it is trying to open/create a new output file ... and in either case it got an error doing the operation. As such I suspect there is a permission problem on the (already existing) output file. I suggest you try specifying a different output file name using dbtran's -o output-file option.

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answered 08 Dec '14, 10:49

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