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I use the search feature in Sybase Central often. I am usually interested in answering questions like "Where are all the places we reference this field" or "Where are all the places we call this procedure." I always pick the database in the "Look in" drop down, but it would be great if that was more of a tree list with checkboxes or some other multi-select type of setup so I could tell it to look in Views and Procedures but not Tables, or look at Triggers and Procedures but not Views or Tables.

Just an idea.

asked 14 Feb '12, 16:38

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Siger Matt
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It would also be good if the search pane could co-exist with the folder pane, rather than replacing it.

(15 Feb '12, 07:11) Justin Willey

Very good idea. Also please add possibility to store and bookmark search condition as predefined filters(as it done in macosx smartfolders). Usage scenario: in my db exists some modules and while working with one of them it's be convenient to see in folders pane only objects with special name (integration with folders pane).

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answered 15 Feb '12, 07:45

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