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I have similar code as below, in a procedure. The code works fine in the older versions of Sybase, but in the newer versions, I get the error message 'Transact-SQL outer joins are currently disabled.'

SELECT  table1.a,


FROM    table1,

WHERE ( table1.a *= table2.a )

asked 15 Dec '11, 08:08

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In case you have to time to alter those procedures, I would strongly recommend to get rid of those T-SQL outer joins and use standard OUTER JOINs instead.

(15 Dec '11, 12:40) Volker Barth

You can re-enable T-SQL outer join support by changing the TSQL_OUTER_JOINS option to ON. See the help. You may also want to read this white paper on the Semantics and Compatibility of TSQL Outer Joins.

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answered 15 Dec '11, 08:23

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Glenn Paulley
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