Dear All.

I'm very new to ASA. I would like to develop an application for my company, it's production company so it requires to have BOM. Let's say I have a table which recursive relationship as follow.


  • item_id
  • qty
  • parent_item_id

Just like usual table structure found on the internet, for the parent item, it's parent_item_id contains null. My question is that how to query one single parent item with all it's child (no matter how many level will be) at once? Do I need a stored procedure or this can be done using plain SQL statement? Please give me some samples or hits.

Thanks Kongthap

asked 06 Apr '12, 06:01

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Mark Culp

Have a look at Parts explosion problems.

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answered 06 Apr '12, 08:50

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Breck Carter
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Wow. Save that one for your next book. :)

(07 Apr '12, 12:19) dejstone
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Hah, hah... there is an example in my last, um, only book. This question is making me think I'll self-plagiarize republish it in my blog :)

(07 Apr '12, 17:51) Breck Carter

FWIW: The cited solution requires recursive common table expressions (CTEs) and as such, requires v9 and above - so for older versions, I guess a stored procedure will be necessary.

(08 Apr '12, 05:57) Volker Barth

Breck has republished the according part of his book in his blog (and I feel free to publish the link:))


(11 Apr '12, 07:37) Volker Barth

Following the question: How fast is "RECURSIVE UNION"? Each level is permanent 'select' and in case of distributed databases with multiple tables ? Any Evaluation Tests...?!

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answered 27 Mar '13, 05:20

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As this certainly is a differen question, I'd recommend to ask it as a separate question - and you can of course link to this current FAQ there...

(27 Mar '13, 05:25) Volker Barth
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