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Yesterday, I updated a sqla10 customer to sqla12. All was fine after the upgrade. Then, apparently, a W2008 server OS patch was applied last night. Now our app cannot communicate via ODBC. When I test the connection with ODBC admin, all is fine. Also, dblocate finds the server. Any word about recent w2008 OS patches and a problem with sqla12? Any suggestions? Thanks, Doug

asked 24 Aug '11, 10:09

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What error are you getting when trying to connect?

(24 Aug '11, 10:36) Tyson Lewis

This has happened to us a few times now. Some Windows server updates reset the security settings and the firewall settings. With the firewall turned on with default settings, the ODBC connection is blocked. Either turn the firewall off, or make an exception for the process running the database (probably dbsrv12.exe ) as well as for your application.

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answered 24 Aug '11, 10:56

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Siger Matt
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Seen this before as well.

(25 Aug '11, 21:34) Calvin Allen

It looks now like the failure of our app to run against the new sqla12 installation was caused by a failure of apps 'citrix to sybase server' share. We often place our apps' executables on our apps' sybase server. Then, to run our app thru citrix, the citrix admin just points citrix to our apps' executable, thru a share, on the sybase server. for some reason, after an ms os update, that share only remains operational for a few mintues.

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answered 25 Aug '11, 09:31

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Start the database by assigning server ip address and port

-x tcpip(MyIP=;ServerPort=2680)

Provide the same on odbc

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answered 26 Aug '11, 00:25

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