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I have some version 7 databases that I would like to migrate to version 8, primarily to consolidate these databases onto 1 database server.

These databases are replicated via SQL Remote using FTP.

I'm aware of the procedure from the documentation regarding database rebuilds in a replicated environment to keep the offsets syncronized, however I do not know whether having the consolidated db at v8 and the remotes at v7 is an issue.

Furthermore, what about having the consolidated database using a 4k page size and the remotes having a 2k page size? Is that a problem ?


asked 05 Aug '11, 13:03

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Caveat Emptor: Neither version 7 nor version 8 are supported as far as fixing new bugs are concerned. You can get help and advice, but if you run into a bug in the software the only solution that will be offered is "upgrade to version 10.0.1 or later".

Many large replication setups have run for years with upgraded consolidated databases and a mix of earlier-version remote databases... very few people are willing to upgrade 10,000 remotes in a "big bang" approach.

Have a look at this section in the V8 Help...

What's New in SQL Anywhere Studio 12. Upgrading Software and Databases Upgrading SQL Remote

In particular: "Software upgrades can be one site at a time Older Message Agents can exchange messages with Version 8 Message Agents as long as the COMPRESSION database option is set to a value of -1 (minus one). There is no need to upgrade software throughout the installation simultaneously."

The database page size will have absolutely no effect on anything... except 2K sucks for performance reasons.

So... you can do what you want to do. Should you? Absolutely not... under no circumstances should anyone "upgrade" to version 8, it is just TOO OLD.

Staying on an old version is one thing... there are lots of people on version 5. But going to the trouble of upgrading to a version that was out of date in 2003? ...please don't :)

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answered 05 Aug '11, 14:30

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I fully agree - and would add that even 10.0.1 is in "limited support" state and will be EOL'ed in January 2012.

So I would suggest to migrate to 11.0.1 or 12.0.1.

However, the more versions you skip, the more contents should be read from the "Behaviour changes" pages ... take care:)

(05 Aug '11, 15:23) Volker Barth

Besides Breck's profound answer, the following Q&A might help as well:

Mixing SQL Anywhere v6 and v10 Remotes

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answered 05 Aug '11, 15:38

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Volker Barth
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