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Knowing I'd have some free time over the next few weeks I picked up a new laptop so I could have a look at PB 12.5 beta.

Unfortunately, I did not check to see if there was a grown-up OS on the machine and had so much trouble installing the prerequisites for PB, specificallv IIS that I ended up with Server 2008 R2, which is a fine OS but not leading anyboy's laptop list.

After a lot of mucking around I have everything needed for PB12.5, with one exception.

I noted the warning about installing 32-bit ODBC drivers. Later I read about editing the registry. All of which is semi-fine (it ain't really). Whilst installing I did not get given any option about WHICH ODBC drivers to install; frankly, this is an area which should be tidied up - real soon now. I have a series of zip files - pray how do I go about identifying which internal files (compressed file names in the zip files) I need, how to rename them and how I fiddle the ODBC tool to use the two different drivers.

Sybase Central does successfully attach to the SQL Anywhere db.

Thanks, I live in (forlorn) hope and expectation

Robin St.Clair

asked 26 Jun '11, 17:07

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Mark Culp

Our thoughts and prayers are with you... ODBC is the reason Bill Gates gives so much to charity (it's called "atoning for one's sins")

(27 Jun '11, 13:08) Breck Carter


As referring to the details provided by you, you installed a 64-bit OS Right?

Sybase SQL Anywhere do support 64-bit machine and if not proper attention/selection given, it install the SQL Anywhere 64-bit drivers. I hope you selected both or 32-bit option. If not then please install the Sybase 32-bit driver.

Locations of ODBC drivers:

C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe -> 32-bit ODBC Driver

C:Windowsodbcad32.exe -> 64-bit ODBC Driver

Just create a Shortcut at your desktop and name it different.

As PB12.5 is a 32-bit application, it needs a 32-bit ODBC driver i.e. your SysWOW64 one driver and once you create a DSN in 32-bit ODBC, PB will automatically connects with it.

I hope it will help you solve your problem..

Do let me know in case any further clarification required.

Thanks Ramendra

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answered 27 Jun '11, 14:29

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Please don't start me on ODBC, it's a C- piece of work at best. Great concept, odious implementation and execution.

It brings out the worst in people, packaging teams keep stumbling over it. The concept of intellectual elegance is unknown not only to its creators but those who fob it off on us!

I like PowerBuilder, I used it so long ago the first version I saw began with a 0. I think SQL Anywhere is a brilliant hack, hats off to all the good folk at Waterloo/Watcom/Sybase. I even find Sybase Central terrific free value. So why is ODBC such a gotcha?

Rave over


(27 Jun '11, 14:30) Uberseehandel


To answer your questions as best I can

I installed SQL Anywhere from the package that makes up the PB12.5 beta distro. I was not offered ang choice of 32/64 bit drivers, and I was looking for this choice as I had read the installation notes.

If there is an installation package that offers the choice of both sets of drivers then I'll gladly remove what I've installed and install using that package.

At present I believe i have the 64-bit drivers. I have also found what may be the 32-bit drivers. I have C:WindowsSystem32odbcad32.exe (90,112 bytes) and C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe (86,016 bytes) in fact I have 2 of each in total, the others being in 2 additional directories

If I have to install the 32-bit driver and its files separately, I would truely appreciate detailed instructions, so I don't fall over myself.

Your comment "Just create a Shortcut at your desktop and name it different" leaves me puzzled.

So, please, as simply as possible, tell me what i do next, it would be greatly appreciated.



(27 Jun '11, 14:56) Uberseehandel

You might want to download the developer version of SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 ( With the full install you get better control wrt 64/32 bit tools.

(28 Jun '11, 03:12) Reimer Pods
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I have been anticipating that suggestion, thanks Reimer.

So for starters, I'll backup any database files to somewhere safe, remove the SQL Anywhere installation, then install the suggested developer download, install updates and fixes and check if I need to restore any of the previously backed up files.

This should leave me with 32-bit and 64-bit odbc files with the same names but in different directories.

One of the SQL Anywhere manuals suggests appending different names to the files to differentiate them, adding that if you don't change the existing leading characters, then the drivers will still be usable.

do I need to do anything about jdbc or any of the other more .NET oriented stuff?

Your help is appreciated, I am surprised that there isn't a PB 12.5 specific forum/sig



(28 Jun '11, 06:19) Uberseehandel

Actually there are forums for powerbuilder, even if not specially for version 12.5:
If you prefer NNTP over Google groups have a look here:

(28 Jun '11, 07:10) Reimer Pods
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Reimer I was so hassled by the issues surrounding installation (mostly Microsoft related) that I never checked back for any information that wasn't in the documentation/guides.

I shall post about my experiences on the private forum.



(29 Jun '11, 16:48) Uberseehandel
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