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I am an engineering student working on a project in which sql anywhere will works as a back-end database. I have faced a problem to insert binary data into tables using

FUNC_INFO( extern, void, esqlentry, dbpp_execute_imm, (SQLCA ,char ,unsigned short int ))

I also try to run FUNC_INFO( extern, void, esqlentry, dbpp_prepare, (SQLCA ,char ,char ,short int ,char ,struct sqlda ,unsigned int )), but fails because there is no documentation found on net about these functions.

Please guide me, I am waiting for a reply.


asked 16 Jun '11, 04:15

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Amit Chauhan
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Mark Culp


I have dynamically loaded dblib.dll and Using its functions to interact with database. But I do not know how to execute parametrized query using functions of dblib.dll. I have seen dbpp_prepare, (SQLCA *,char *,char *,short int *,char *,struct sqlda *,unsigned int )) but I don't know how to implement this function to prepare a statement because of missing argument list documentation. Can you guide me how to use functions of this dll to execute a parametrized query?

(21 Jun '11, 07:46) Amit Chauhan

I want all things are dynamically not static.

(29 Jun '11, 04:03) Amit Chauhan
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Amit, have you read any of the suggested documentation? - IMHO, it should really answer your questions.

(29 Jun '11, 04:27) Volker Barth

I saw all suggested documents already, please check link below:

Now I want to know about ant documentation or another help how can I use the functions of "sqlfuncs.h", I done all works except insertion of binary, long binary & long varchar data. Please help me.

(05 Jul '11, 00:39) Amit Chauhan

The dbpp_* entry points are for use by ESQL programs and calls to them are generated by the ESQL preprocessor: sqlpp. Users are not supposed to write code to call these functions directly. See for information on using ESQL.

BTW, are you required to use ESQL for your project? Possibly you could use ODBC, .NET, or perhaps even a scripting language such as python or perl?

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answered 16 Jun '11, 08:50

John%20Smirnios's gravatar image

John Smirnios
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Hello john, Thanks for your reply................. Actually I need to use Embedded SQL because of my project requirement and I am using dblib.dll for this purpose. I need to insert data in Long Binary type field of SQL AnyWhere table . I need to use parametrized query for this and I have used functions of dblib.dll to insert data in table, but I have header file containing function declaration , so I am unable to implement the function to prepare statement using dblib.dll. Following is prototype of function:

FUNC_INFO( extern, void, esqlentry, dbpp_prepare, (SQLCA ,char ,char ,short int ,char ,struct sqlda ,unsigned int ))

I could not get any documentation describing the parameters of this function . How can I prepare a statement using functions of this dll and Execute it to insert binary data.

Please help me out as I am new to this Embedded SQL concept....

Waiting for positive response...............

Thanks Amit Chauhan

(20 Jun '11, 06:01) Amit Chauhan

When developing with Embedded SQL, you write C/C++ source usually as a .sqc file that has embedded 'EXEC SQL ...' statements to actually connect and interact with the database server. Then you preprocess your .sqc to a .c file using sqlpp (this changes the EXEC SQL ... statements to call the internal dbpp_... functions). Then you compile the .c file as usual. Please read the dcx documentation link that John posted.

(20 Jun '11, 08:41) Ian McHardy

It is unsupported and undocumented to call dbpp_prepare directly. You must use embedded SQL (EXEC SQL...) and use the sqlpp pre-processor.

To insert binary data into a table using Embedded SQL, you may want to do something like the following (assuming the data to be inserted is in source_data, and the table you want to insert into is my_table with one column):


DECL_LONGBINARY(100000) binary_host_var;


memcpy( binary_host_var.array, source_data, source_data_len );

binary_host_var.stored_len = source_data_len;

db_string_connect( &sqlca, "uid=dba;pwd=sql" );

EXEC SQL INSERT INTO my_table values( :binary_host_var );


db_string_disconnect( &sqlca );

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answered 21 Jun '11, 08:56

Ian%20McHardy's gravatar image

Ian McHardy
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What exactly do you mean with "everything at run time dynamically"?

I'm sure there are even more infos available but I would strongly recommend to have a look at the docs.

(27 Jun '11, 07:12) Volker Barth

I saw all suggested documents already, please check link below:

Now I want to know about ant documentation or another help how can I use the functions of "sqlfuncs.h", I done all works except insertion of binary, long binary & long varchar data. Please help me.

(06 Jul '11, 03:02) Amit Chauhan

For me your Func_Info looks like a c++ preprocessor makro so check your header files for the implementation, maybe from there you can identify what and how it should be done.

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answered 16 Jun '11, 07:45

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