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After moving to to use SA 12 version; On development computer installed SA12 client software (SA1201_Client.exe on Windows 7 32-bit), on some of computers(not on all's) we have encounter with strange problem working with Interactive SQL(dbisql.exe 12.0.1 build 3152) in editor windows - after some characters typing (select for example) cursor stopped to move right according to last typed character, if you continue to type the characters are appears in right places but cursor doesn't shifts what make to work very uncomfortable. Can anyone advice how we can fix this problem (it is computer properties or dbisql.exe problem)
Thanks in advance.

asked 13 Jun '11, 08:58

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Just the usual hint:

Have you tried to move to the latest EBF ( (Not that I'm aware of that particular behaviour or of an according fix...)

(13 Jun '11, 13:47) Volker Barth

From your description, it sounds as if there may be a display issue with the "auto-complete" feature if this occurs immediately after typing the word 'SELECT'. Does this also happen if you type a non-keyword into Interactive SQL? (e.g. 'APPLE' ?)

(13 Jun '11, 17:13) Jeff Albion
  1. There is not client installation package for EBF 3324, if you try install regular EBF 3324 on machine with only client installation it doesn't work(install process).
  2. It happens not only by typing keywords (SELECT and others) but in any word
(14 Jun '11, 07:29) HBrener

I have not seen behavior like this from DBISQL 12.0.1. Can you tell us what language your Windows 7 machine is configured for (e.g. English, French, Japanese...)

(14 Jun '11, 09:04) Chris Irie

The Win7 machine is configured for English and Hebrew but using English.

(14 Jun '11, 10:56) HBrener

Another perspective on this...

from what you're saying, I think you're talking about the result set area of ISQL.

Are you talking about editing the data directly in the result set of ISQL, or are you clicking the button that lets you edit in a seperate window and you're modifying your data within that popup window.

I'm asking because I believe I've seen the same thing, and it had to do with the font that was selected in the result set.

Check two fonts for me...

  1. Right click on the SQL Anywhere 12 icon in Sybase Central. Select Preferences. On the table data tab, what font is that set to?

  2. From ISQL, select Tools Menu, Options, then select the editor icon in the list on left. Select the format tab. What font is selected there?

Maybe from this I can see if you're getting the same type of interface issues that I saw sometime back.

Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner
Nashville, TN

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answered 21 Jun '11, 17:47

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Jeff Gibson
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First, it happens in simple editor part of windows in regular dbisql.exe (interactive SQL) application. Second, you are right. This problem related to font type. I have check used font, it was 'Monospaced' font , when I have change on problematic machines font to 'Courier New' the problem disappear. Thanks.

(22 Jun '11, 04:46) HBrener

I've never been a big fan of the editor they used when they started building their Java tools. The fact that you're limited to 5 or more fonts that are available in the editor has always been a pain.

I've seen other Java tools that give you access to every font you have on your machine.

Would be nice to have that flexibility.

Glad the font change was able to help out some. I realize it's not a fix, but at least you're not running into your original issue with the cursor.

(22 Jun '11, 15:22) Jeff Gibson
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