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I'm quite sure this is not currently possible with v12.0.1:

create temporary existing table FT at '...';

My intent would be to use a proxy table just temporarily (and from a single connection), say to dump/compare the contents as in this question. With local tables, I would usually use a temporary table in this case. For proxy tables, that seems to be not possible.

Is there a way to do so? Otherwise, I'd like to ask for this as an enhancement request. IMHO, this would only make sense for already existing remote tables/views.

asked 18 May '11, 05:22

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Volker Barth
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What is the point? Proxy tables don't contain any data, so the "permanent versus temporary data storage" difference between permanent and temporary tables doesn't apply. Is it the scope? You want the name FT to be visible only to the current connection? If so, you could use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to include the @@SPID in the table name so the name would effectively be local to the current connection. IMO proxy tables already act like GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLES because the data is provided by a secondary connection to another server, and that underlying connection exists only within the current client connection.

(18 May '11, 07:50) Breck Carter
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My point is primarily the opinion that "temporary stuff" should not have effect on the system catalog (and on the translog/recovery). Usually, I use proxy tables for general/long-lasting access of remote data. In this case, it's just for "testing purposes" - just like usage of the FORWARD TO statement... - Feel free to consider this an academical approach:)

(18 May '11, 08:00) Volker Barth


As you surmised, this particular feature is not available at the moment; but the feature request has been brought up before. I will add your vote to the already existing enhancement request.


permanent link

answered 18 May '11, 07:46

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Karim Khamis
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