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From time to time one of these files shows up (see snippet below). It contains code I've written, commented out but not by me, and it appears in the folder where all my *.SQL files are and where I launch dbisql from.

I'm guessing it has something to do with dbisql, but what?

And why is named after an HTML special character (non-breaking space)?

-- Executing command:
--   CREATE PROCEDURE rroad_tools_and_options (
--      IN @sf1  LONG VARCHAR DEFAULT NULL,      -- submit form1
--      IN @ep   LONG VARCHAR DEFAULT NULL,      -- enable features password
--      IN @e    LONG VARCHAR DEFAULT NULL,      -- export diagnostics filespec
--      IN @h    LONG VARCHAR DEFAULT NULL,      -- help frameset cols
--      IN @o    LONG VARCHAR DEFAULT NULL,      -- connection timeout msec
--      IN @r    LONG VARCHAR DEFAULT NULL,      -- timeout retry msec
... and so on

asked 12 Nov '09, 19:59

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Breck Carter
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I am tempted to add "deja-vu" as a tag because I'm sure I've been told what this is, at some point in the past :)

(12 Nov '09, 21:49) Breck Carter
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