Event details such as "running", "enabled", and "next scheduled time" can be monitored within sybase central. Is there a way to see these "fields", i.e. through a system table or otherwise, through iSQL?

Appreciate any help.

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I don't think there is a single system table/view that displays all these informations.

However, I expect all this can be queried and calculated from

  • sysevent ("enabled")
  • sysschedule ("start_time", "start_date" etc.) - but I guess you would have to calculate the next scheduled time yourself based on these columns and the current time
  • sa_conn_info - a procedure that lists all current connections and as such, will include currently running events. AFAIK events will show up with their name as connection name and with a connection ID value >
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To get the next scheduled time for an event, use:

select db_extended_property('NextScheduleTime','<event-name>')

Use the following to list running events:

select connection_property('EventName',number) as evtname 
from dbo.sa_conn_list() 
where evtname <> ''
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answered 04 Apr '11, 09:52

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