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Hello, is there any way to use a variable (of type time) in the statement of creating an event?


set @time = '09:00';

create event myevent schedule start time @time every 5 minutes handler begin end;


I tried even with execute immediate without success!!

asked 24 Sep '19, 07:26

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This should work with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE when specifying the variable as a literal value, AFAIK. What exactly have you tried?

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answered 24 Sep '19, 08:14

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Volker Barth
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I am trying to execute this block:


declare @time1 time;

set @time1 = '09:00';

execute immediate ('create event SyncPrAtH schedule start time ''' + convert(varchar(5), @time1) + ''' every 3 minutes handler');


select * from dummy;


(25 Sep '19, 08:52) Baron
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You have to include the whole CREATE EVENT statement including the handler block as argument to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.

(25 Sep '19, 09:16) Volker Barth

Oh, Sorry!! I dont know why I was so fast to post it here before looking more closely into my code.

Thank you

(25 Sep '19, 10:01) Baron

So does it work now?

(25 Sep '19, 10:37) Volker Barth

Yes, it worked!

(25 Sep '19, 15:58) Baron
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