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I'm having an issue with DBISQL hanging on "connecting to database" in a Windows 10 environment. This occurs both when executing directly or via SQL Central. The issue started 3 - 5 days ago. I have reviewed all updates to the OS since this time and even uninstalled with no change in behavior.

Any help is appreciated


asked 30 Oct '23, 08:30

J%20Diaz's gravatar image

J Diaz
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  • How do you connect to the database using ODBC or....?
  • What connect settings are you using?
  • Can you connect to the database on the machine running the database?
  • On what port is the database running?
  • Can you find the server name using the Find button in SQL Central when Connect to a running database on another computer?
  • Can you ping the database machine?
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answered 31 Oct '23, 03:04

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Frank Vestjens
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Sorry for the lack of information in my initial post. The connection is a 64 Bit ODBC connection to a database running on the same machine. Server is running under Port 2638 I've included a snippet of the log file below. When I open SQL Central and connect the connection is instant. When I open ODBC Administrator and Test Connection the connection is instant. When I open DBISQL directly the Connect Dialog hangs for several minutes before allowing any entry into the dialog. This is what I believe the issue may be internal to DBISQL. I have created a dump file using Windows Task Manager "Create Dump File" if this helps but it's rather large.

Thanks, Jim

Trying to start SharedMemory link ...
SharedMemory link started successfully Trying to start TCPIP link ...
Starting on port 2638
TCPIP link started successfully
HTTP listener starting on port 8832
Now accepting requests

(31 Oct '23, 09:51) J Diaz
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If you're connected to the database using SQL central and then you right click on the database and then select Open interactive SQL. Is it then also slow?

How do you connect using DBISQL? Are you using 32/64-bit? Do you connect using an ODBC entry?

(31 Oct '23, 10:42) Frank Vestjens

Perhaps you can show us the dbisql command line (assuming you launch from a command shell).

(31 Oct '23, 11:11) JBSchueler

Yes connecting from SQL Central via Open Interactive SQL is slow. Got some interesting results this morning. When executing DBISQL directly I normally just click on a shortcut with a Target of "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\Bin64\dbisql.exe" as I mentioned this is slow. This morning I opened a command prompt changed directory to "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\Bin64" and entered the command dbisql. The start up was instant and connect dialog as well as connection was as well.

Confusing but at least I know how to minimize the affect on my work.

Thanks, Jim

(01 Nov '23, 07:31) J Diaz
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If you remove the shortcut and create a new one does that affect the performance? If you have a virus scanner running could you exclude the SQL anywhere program folder?

(01 Nov '23, 08:42) Frank Vestjens

Does the shortcut have a different working directory than the dbisql.exe file?

(01 Nov '23, 09:23) Volker Barth

Shortcut does have the same working directory. No change after creating new shortcut. Same results with no virus scanner.

(01 Nov '23, 13:51) J Diaz
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What settings do you have setup in the ODBC connection and how do you connect using I-SQL?

(02 Nov '23, 03:30) Frank Vestjens
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