Is there a way to convert a row type in XML format?

create or replace variable obj_User row(Id integer,Firstname varchar(16),Lastname varchar(64));
select row('1','Frank', 'Vestjens') into obj_User;
select Obj_User "Users" for json raw
Is working fine. However I would like to have something similar for XML. But select obj_User "Users" for xml raw does not work.

Any ideas?

asked 13 Feb '23, 02:10

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Frank Vestjens
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I don't think there is a generic way to do so, as a row data type is simply not allowed as return value of an outer select statement.

select obj_User

returns the expected SQLCODE -1599 "Invalid use of collection type". (IMHO, it's somewhat surprising that FOR JSON does work here...)

So I guess you would need to decompose the row data type in its individual members, such as

select obj_User.Id, obj_User.Firstname, obj_User.Lastname for xml auto, elements
-- returns 
You might need the cumbersome FOR XML EXPLICIT syntax to achieve a particular XML format.

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answered 13 Feb '23, 03:10

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Volker Barth
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edited 13 Feb '23, 03:11

(That being said, is there a particular need to use a row data type variable here? I'm asking as using SELECT ...FROM SomeTable...FOR XML is quite straight forward...)

(13 Feb '23, 03:17) Volker Barth
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The reason I use row objects is for json generation in the database. the row data together with array(0 can define a proper layout of the json being generated. By defining that in a domain even makes it better to read.

(14 Feb '23, 09:45) Frank Vestjens
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