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Or is it too early to ask? :)

Well, I can't find any mention of input or output let alone "database", but... [ahem]... here's one language design decision I applaud: "Go doesn't provide assertions. ... Proper error handling means that servers continue operation after non-fatal errors instead of crashing."

asked 11 Nov '09, 13:12

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Breck Carter
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Mark Culp

Another bounty! What's going on? Why, it's Farmer Breck, spreading the manure, er, money, er, points!

(20 Nov '09, 11:19) Breck Carter

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Breck? There is no bounty on this question.

(20 Nov '09, 14:26) Graeme Perrow

I guess it's not readily apparent that a bounty was offered and then immediately granted... now Ben S has a whole sack of ... points!

(21 Nov '09, 07:53) Breck Carter

Various forms of I/O are handled by the bufio, fmt, io and rpc packages, but I also couldn't find any mention of databases.

Presumably, they will be providing a way to connect up to a database since it looks like Go is geared towards server-side concurrent programming.

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answered 11 Nov '09, 15:56

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Ben S
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Our native protocol is proprietary, and I know that we haven't done a client library for Go, so I can safely say that there currently isn't one.

It's possible that someone somewhere has written up a TDS client library for Go, and that might work.

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answered 11 Nov '09, 16:32

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Graeme Perrow
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There's a driver for Go in the works

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answered 20 Mar '13, 12:50

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Package database/sql/driver defines interfaces to be implemented by database drivers as used by package sql.

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answered 05 Jul '12, 21:27

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