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That's what the current Connect Dialog (here called via dbislqc) looks like when running the German locale:

alt text

Obviously, there are two problems:

  • The 4th row mixes a German label (meaning "Encrypt password") with choices in English whereas the other choices are in German, as desired.
  • The 7th label (meaning "Encryption key") is positioned just beneath the 8th label and nearly hidden, so it's difficult to find out where to put the encryption key.

In contrast, the same dialog with English locale looks fine.

asked 05 Aug '15, 10:25

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Volker Barth
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edited 05 Aug '15, 10:26

Good catch Volker.

The layout issues seem to be mostly be limited to dbisqlc ... (unless you have found other utilities ... maybe odbcad32.exe?) ... probably because, there, the connection dialogue is given a smaller windows than what is required (the Java Admin Tools and dbisql itself, won't show the positioning issues, and I cannot force it to resize the dialog small enough to make it misalign things)

In addition to your 2 noted positioning issues I can see the SLE (Single Line Edit) field for Datenbankdatei: overlaps the "Durchsuchen..." (Browse) button ... as well.

As for the options for the "Encrypt Key: " I don't believe that was ever intended to be used from this utility. That doesn't show up in the other Java Admin Tools and I suspect it only has real functionality when creating/configuring from the ODBC Driver manager. So maybe that should be removed ... It seems to have been added as a new feature for 17 and 16.0.0 for builds >=2028 (on Window SPs >=26 and builds >= 2038) as part of a more secure ENP implementation.

I will check into that part too. Localization for a DE localized Windows is still something that needs to be considered for that usage as well.

thanks for the report

permanent link

answered 05 Aug '15, 13:03

Nick%20Elson%20SAP%20SQL%20Anywhere's gravatar image

Nick Elson S...
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Yes, the problems do also show up with odbcad32.exe (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and do not show up with DBISQL.

The second problem seems to appear only for the action "Start a database on this comuter", not for the similar action to start one on another machine - there the controls are placed correctly.

Interestingly enough, with v17 GA, the dialog looks alright even with the C-based tools (dbislqc, odbcad32), both listed problems do not appear there. (It also contains the "Encrypt password" option, in case that should be removed.)

(06 Aug '15, 01:42) Volker Barth

Thanks Volker,

After I posted I too caught that it was all working in V17 so this appears to be an issue for the later builds of V16 only.

This is being looked into as I type and will be rectified. The tracking number for this fix is currently CR#787960 and I expect most of the work will just need to reflect what has already been done for V17 ... though V17 will likely get some cosmetic polishing as well.

(06 Aug '15, 12:45) Nick Elson S...
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