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The question of a PHP v8 driver for SQL Anywhere is becoming very urgent.

The latest version for which a SQL Anywhere driver is available (here) is PHP v 7.4. Active support for this finished in November last year and Security Support finishes in November this year. The current support PHP version is 8.1 - details are here

We tried to compile a new version of the SQL Anywhere driver from source but without success. The main issue between v7.4 & v8.x relates to the thread safe behaviour and the removal of the Zend module from PHP. There also seem to be significant changes to the error handling. We tried to adapt the code to cope with these differences but were unable to make it work.

We have several customers who use PHP with SQL Anywhere who currently have no way forward.

asked 08 Apr '22, 11:03

Justin%20Willey's gravatar image

Justin Willey
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apohl asked about this last year but there was no reply:

(08 Apr '22, 11:04) Justin Willey

I support. The lack of a driver stops the development of new solutions. SAP solve this problem

(09 Apr '22, 02:14) Aleksandr Ku...

A prebuilt PHP 8.0 driver has been posted and can be accessed at The SAP SQL Anywhere PHP Module.

permanent link

answered 20 Apr '22, 15:06

Chris%20Keating's gravatar image

Chris Keating
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That's brilliant. Thanks

(20 Apr '22, 16:34) Justin Willey

Hi Chris - would it be possible to updated the posted source code. We could then have a go at producing an 8.1 version?

(05 May '22, 06:28) Justin Willey

This is in progress and will be posted shortly. If you have SQL Anywhere 17.0 Build 6230 or newer, the source code can be found in %sqlany17%\sdk\php.

(05 May '22, 08:50) Chris Keating
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Thanks Chris

(05 May '22, 09:41) Justin Willey

I have updated the source code download today and it should now be available for download.

(05 May '22, 16:45) Chris Keating
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Chris, I rarely use SQL Anywhere with PHP but I'm somewhat surprised that

  • the adaption to PHP 8 has already been made in June 2021 according to the code,
  • and has been part of the software since a version released in December 2021 as of your comment,

but SQL Anywhere has not informed customers (or at least within this forum), although there were open requests for such an update?

That's too much "stealth marketing" in my opinion.

(I'm fully aware that this is not your task, so please do not take this personally in any way.)

(06 May '22, 04:38) Volker Barth

That being said, in my install, the %sqlany17%\sdk\php directory still does contain the older code (2.0.18 / Support for PHP v7.3).

(06 May '22, 04:43) Volker Barth

Volker, I was also surprised to learn that php 8 was available since March 2021. I am currenting trying to understand why this support was not documented in a release note. The source in 6933 is current and equal to what I posted except the CHANGE file was not updated. I have corrected that for the next SP.

(06 May '22, 09:56) Chris Keating
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Thanks for the feedback, Chris.

FWIW, are there plans to add the PHP driver's code to like (some of) the other interfaces?

(06 May '22, 11:32) Volker Barth

I stand corrected - the files are version 2.0.19 (i.e. with PHP8 support), however copyright still refers to 2019, and for whatever reason, file modification dates tell "2019-02-21" for most of the files (except sqlanywhere.c), so I concluded they were not updated. After a file compare with the download, they actual are current.

As Chris has confirmed, the "changes" file is actually old, i.e. relates to 2.0.18.

(06 May '22, 11:52) Volker Barth
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Can we have the drivers for PHP 8.1 and 8.2 please?

PHP 8.0 will no longer be supported from Nov 23. Time is passing, PHP versions are going out of support...

permanent link

answered 20 Jul '23, 06:17

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I've been chasing this for a while for one of our large publicly listed companies who can't use the source code as their auditors require the supplier of the software to provide it pre-compiled. I am told it is on the list but no time frames. Like you I want 8.1 and probably 8.2 now.

(27 Jul '23, 13:03) RADicalSYS

Update for everyone. The 8.1 and 8.2 dll's are available from SAP but apparently they can't be added to the dll page, (maybe someone lost the login)! Anyway for those in need here are the links:



permanent link

answered 28 Aug '23, 05:19

RADicalSYS's gravatar image

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edited 28 Aug '23, 05:30

Justin%20Willey's gravatar image

Justin Willey

Hm, if someone requires DLLs officially provided by SAP because of auditing, I'm not sure these links will do - but thanks for the info and links anyway!

(28 Aug '23, 07:00) Volker Barth
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Thanks Justin! Version 8.1 Thread Safe for Windows works great! Version 8.2 will try later

(28 Aug '23, 08:01) Aleksandr Ku...

Volker - that's very true but it's a step closer! I have passed them to my client and hoping that my support trail with SAP gives them the confidence but you're right that it may not help greatly for those with access to such. |Hoping SAP can post them to the relevant page at some point.

(30 Aug '23, 05:37) RADicalSYS

@Chris Keating: Can we expect to get the 8.1. and 8.2. DLLs via the official wiki page?

(27 Oct '23, 04:04) Volker Barth
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The SAP SCN Wiki has been retired and its content moved to a location on the SAP Help portal. All SCN was made read-only in March to allow for the transition and I had been unable to update the page as a result. Now that the new location is active and a few issues resolved, I have finally been able to update the page with the links. The new location is: You will be redirected to this page if you use the SAP SCN Wiki link.

(16 Nov '23, 21:53) Chris Keating

Hi Team,

Sql anywhere driver for php 8.1 / 8.2 well work for mod_php but not working for php-fpm.

Is anybody facing same issue, is there any solution

(23 Nov '23, 01:18) pnbhat

I'd suggest to ask that as a new question and to explain what exactly is "not working" for php-fpm... do you get error messages?

Do you use a thread-safe or non thread-safe SQL Anywhere PHP extension?

(23 Nov '23, 03:52) Volker Barth


NOw it is working as we have missed entry in environment variable


(24 Nov '23, 03:08) pnbhat
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