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For Zend Studio users... how can I configure Zend Studio to recognize the PHP Module API for SQL AnyWhere? so the IDE does not show the warning messages "Call to undefined function '...'".

Thanks for your help in advance.

asked 12 Jul '11, 15:28

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Volker Barth

I was getting this when using the SQL Anywhere php module for PHP 5.3.5 for Windows because it was compiled using VC9, while the WAMP installer I was using for testing was compiled with VC6.

I received this error in the Apache error log:

PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: sqlanywhere: 
Unable to initialize module\nModule compiled with 
build ID=API20090626,TS,VC9\nPHP    compiled with 
build ID=API20090626,TS,VC6\nThese options need to match\n in Unknown on line 0

I am not sure how to fix it other than somehow acquiring the correct php module compiled with VC6 instead of 9.

I ended up using the one from the Sybase website compiled with VC9 and IIS instead.

Note: I do not think it has anything to do with using Zend or not, It's just how the PHP was compiled vs how the SQLA module was compiled.

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answered 12 Aug '11, 16:05

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Siger Matt
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FYI: There are multiple builds for Apache httpd on Windows generally available, hence the VC6/VC9 confusion.

I am assuming that you have installed the original VC6 Apache Windows build (from, and the VC6 build of PHP.

If you want to use the pre-compiled PHP SQL Anywhere module that ships with SQL Anywhere (which was compiled with VC9), you must use a VC9 build of Apache (you can find one at: ) and a VC9 build of PHP ( ).

Alternatively, you can download the source code and re-compile the SQL Anywhere PHP extension in VC6:

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answered 15 Aug '11, 13:18

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Jeff Albion
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Indeed. I was trying to go for the quickest possible route and used the WAMP installer, which I realized after much frustration and testing uses the VC6 builds of Apache and PHP.

(15 Aug '11, 14:14) Siger Matt
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