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Hi all,

I am using Django 3.2 , could I use Django with Sql Anywhere ?

Thanks in advance

asked 08 Nov '21, 22:15

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Never tried this. If this is just Python, probably you can start with this thread:

(09 Nov '21, 08:51) Vlad
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While Django as such is certainly supported and is also used by this very site AFAIK, I think Armin's question is about support for Django 3.2.

(I don't know...)

(09 Nov '21, 10:06) Volker Barth

ok, then I am stupid. Understood his question wrong. I'd say.... it is not that difficult to install SA + Django and give them a try :)

(09 Nov '21, 14:56) Vlad

Try asking graeme.perrow at

(10 Nov '21, 15:42) Breck Carter

Hi all , Thank you very much for your responses.

Using DOS cmd I install the engine for SQL Anywhere 16, running this comand: pip install sqlany-django The engine is installed OK

In Django file in the variable DATABASES , I copy the definition of my database:

      'default' : {
      'ENGINE': 'sqlany_django',
      'NAME': 'django',
      'USER': 'dba',
      'PASSWORD': 'sql',
      'HOST': 'localhost',
      'PORT': '2644',
And always receive the same error:
File "C:\Users\armin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\sqlany_django\", line 48, in <module> 
Database.register_converter(Database.DT_DECIMAL, util.typecast_decimal) AttributeError: module 'django.db.backends.utils' has no attribute 'typecast_decimal'
What I'm doing wrong, Thanks in advance Armin

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answered 10 Nov '21, 18:56

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edited 11 Nov '21, 02:01

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Volker Barth

I don't use Django but from my limited understanding, it seems that Django 2.x dropped/modified that attribute, see here for a similiar Firebird change.

I would suspect that the sqlany-django package would need to be adapted, as well. Hopefully @Graeme is listening...

Of course you could verify that claim with also trying to use Django 1.x which is supported by sqlany-django according to the package docs.

(11 Nov '21, 02:07) Volker Barth
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