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Hi all,

I try to connect to a SQL17 DB using the following lines in Python

import sqlanydb

con = sqlanydb.connect(uid='dba', pwd='sql', servername='SRV1', host='localhost:2638' )


I get following errors:

File "C:\Python38\lib\site-packages\", line 522, in connect

File "C:\Python38\lib\site-packages\", line 538, in init parent = Connection.cls_parent = Root("PYTHON")

self.api = load_library(os.getenv( 'SQLANY_API_DLL', None ), 'dbcapi.dll', '',

raise InterfaceError("Could not load dbcapi. Tried: " + ','.join(map(str, names))) sqlanydb.InterfaceError: ('Could not load dbcapi. Tried: None,dbcapi.dll,,libdbcapi_r.dylib', 0)

asked 05 Oct '20, 14:31

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Has Google banned you?

Can you simply tell us, what answer you have found, and what you have tried before you raised the question?

(05 Oct '20, 17:54) Vlad
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(06 Oct '20, 02:17) Baron

I reinstalled my SQLAnywhere17, and now I have both 32/64, and I see the file dbcapi.dll is located under C:\Program Files (x86)\SQL Anywhere 17\BIN32, but I still get the same error

(06 Oct '20, 02:32) Baron
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Well, when your are running on Windows, links to Unix issues (like "sourcing" scripts) won't help, methinks...

Have you followed these steps, and have they proved successful?

(06 Oct '20, 03:34) Volker Barth

Yes, I did the steps before.

import ctypes doesn't return any error.

I installed sqlanydb using pip install sqlanydb

(06 Oct '20, 03:41) Baron

@vlad does it work on your windows machine?

(06 Oct '20, 06:27) Baron
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"Now it works with the help of PYODBC"..... here's how to do a DSN-less connection. Not too hard...

Assume> dbsrv17 -n demo17 "C:\Users\Public\Documents\SQL Anywhere 17\Samples\demo.db" -n demo

!!!Code starts....

import pyodbc

connection_string = "Driver=SQL Anywhere 17;Server=demo17;UID=dba;PWD=sql;DBN=demo"

connection_object = pyodbc.connect(connection_string)

cursor = connection_object.cursor()

sql_string = "select count(*) from Employees"

result = cursor.execute(sql_string)

counter = result.fetchone()[0]



!!! Code ends

HTH, Paul

BTW how do you put a code block in these answer boxes? I tried pre and code tags as per help and it previewed OK but when posted looked horrid. I then had to cut out all my enlightning comments!

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answered 10 Oct '20, 19:31

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edited 16 Feb '21, 03:42

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Volker Barth

Thank you very much for the answer. It worked on my machine without DSN and even without service:

connection_string = "Driver=SQL Anywhere 17;UID=dba;PWD=sql;DBF=C:\Users\Public\Documents\SQL Anywhere 17\Samples\demo.db"

(24 Feb '21, 06:52) Baron

From your comments, it looks like you are using a 32-bit version of Python (which seems odd in this age of 64-bit processors) but, in any case, is C:\Program Files (x86)\SQL Anywhere 17\BIN32 in your PATH? And if you are really running a 64-bit Python, then you will need the dbcapi.dll that is in the bin64 folder (hence this needs to be in your path).

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answered 06 Oct '20, 10:40

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converted 06 Oct '20, 11:48

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Volker Barth

I had 64-bit version of Python, then uninstalled it and installed the 32-bit version of Python, and I get always the same problem.

Now it works with the help of PYODBC

(06 Oct '20, 11:24) Baron
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