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If the external java procedure (sending mail) call from the PowerBuilder-application happens several times in a row (not simultaneously), I get the following error:

 java.sql.SQLException: [SAP][JDBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Table 'ExtEnvMethodArgs_JAVA' not found
    at sap.jdbc4.sqlanywhere.IIStatement.nativeExecuteUpdate(Native Method)
    at sap.jdbc4.sqlanywhere.IIStatement.executeUpdate(IStatement.java:563)
    at sap.jdbc4.sqlanywhere.IStatement.executeUpdate(IStatement.java:312)
    at ianywhere.sa.jvm.SAJvmFortify.checkedExecuteUpdate(SAJvmFortify.java:311)
    at ianywhere.sa.jvm.SAJvm.getMethodArgs(SAJvm.java:693)
    at ianywhere.sa.jvm.SAJvm.executeMethod(SAJvm.java:1438)
    at ianywhere.sa.jvm.SAJvm.run(SAJvm.java:353)
When calling an external Java procedure from ISQL, the error is not reproduced.
I managed to deal (?) with this error only by stopping the java environment before each call to the external java procedure: STOP EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT JAVA; A similar error was described in Calling external java function.

Q: Why does this error occur?
"Who" is to Blame (SQL Anywhere 17 or PowerBuilder or Java or ...) ?

asked 21 Apr '21, 05:45

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hm... I don't know. But this table appears in the SQL Anywhere file: Java\sajvm.jar It is created in Java sources code using the statement: DECLARE LOCAL TEMPORARY TABLE ExtEnvMethodArgs_JAVA.

Why and how is it created? I don't know. Probably it is an internal call from SA itself.

(21 Apr '21, 10:09) Vlad
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It looks like I need to create an incident for the SAP support.

(21 Apr '21, 10:41) Ilia63
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