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Hi! -- SQL Anywhere Network Server Version

We are getting the following error when calling a java function frpm a procedure.

ALTER PROCEDURE "LogMessageOnce"( in @SERVER char(80),in @PORT integer,in @TYPE char(1),in @GRP char(4),in @MESSAGE char(250) ) no result set external name 'se.davision.common.Log.messageDebug (Ljava/lang/String;ILjava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)V' language java

java.sql.SQLException: [Sybase][JDBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Table 'ExtEnvMethodArgs' not found

at sybase.jdbc.sqlanywhere.IIStatement.nativeExecuteUpdate(Native Method)

at sybase.jdbc.sqlanywhere.IIStatement.executeUpdate(

at sybase.jdbc.sqlanywhere.IStatement.executeUpdate(




The java method we call take a couple of arguments and try to send a message via a socket. If I access the method (procedure calling the methhod) from ISQL, it works, and if I restart the database it also works, for some time. After that I keep getting this exceptions in the dbconsole. We do NOT do anything with the database inside the method, just taking the parametses and send them out o a socket.

If I add a system.out as first line in the java method, I can't see it so I think the error happens then the database try to figure out how to call the method.

Any ideas appreciated. Regards Janne

asked 20 Mar '14, 11:55

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