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In external environment support have C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP and CLR already supported.
Are there are plans for implementation of the Python driver external environment support? Is there the possibility of installing an external Python object to the current state of SQL Anywhere 12?

asked 07 Feb '13, 06:51

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Volker Barth

There is currently no support for using Python as an external environment language.

We did discuss implementing python external environments when we implemented the other languages but ran out of time, and so we decided to wait to see if there was any demand for such a thing. (Thanks for asking) I will add it back into the futures list.

In the meantime you could run a python script in an external environment setting by using one of the other external environment languages (e.g. C/C++) and then have that environment load the python interpreter to run your script.

To help us determine how much demand there is for python as an external environment language, it would be helpful if the readers of this forum would post a comment to this answer if you would use this feature if it was implemented.

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answered 07 Feb '13, 08:40

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Mark Culp
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Mark, with a lot of answers, the python hasn't a large audience :) But I believe that only make a decision based on the requests of this forum are not sufficient, since it is growing websites using django and integration exists between django and sql anywhere (

(07 Feb '13, 16:16) LGregianin
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Note that the sqlany-django site was created and is maintained by one of my coworkers (and FWIW I managed the development of that driver) - so the existence of the driver does not help us here to determine if there is a large user base for python (or django) ... but yes, the info gathered here is not the only source of information that is used to determine if a feature is or is not implemented in a future release, but it can be a useful data point to consider. I.e. the fact that you have asked the question on this forum gives us one piece of information that we did not have before you asked the question: there is at least one developer out there that is interested in using python as a external environment language.

Back to django - are you inferring that you would want to use django as the API to the database in your external environment?

(07 Feb '13, 16:30) Mark Culp
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Thanks for your feedback, I still do not use django but would like to use python as the external environment in my desktop application. BTW, could create a new tag python in this forum?

(08 Feb '13, 09:01) LGregianin

Tag added as desired - just 139 rep points more, and you can DIY:)

(08 Feb '13, 09:49) Volker Barth

I´ll get there :)

(08 Feb '13, 09:56) LGregianin
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